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Basic Information Related To New Nikon D3100

It’s been a long time now, that we have been talking about the various cameras which are available in the market, but being true to you and to myself as well, there had been very few chances that were able to talk about such cameras which are not only unbeatable when it comes to price and features, but are also incomparable when we talk about style and design.

Therefore without delaying any further in our conversation, let us start with the topic of our today’s conversation which is ‘some basic information related to new Nikon D3100’.

To start with the very basic features of the same, we can find that this camera is available in market with few of the features like 14.2 mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor with a dimension of 23.1×15.4mm with will help you in getting some of the best shots of your life, a full HD recording for better and best quality, a ISO 100 – ISO 3200 Sensitivity, Focal Length: 18 – 55 and 3 inch Low-temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD Screen. But don’t worry as this is not all and believe me there is much more to come, all you need to do is purchase this little magical box and start clicking.

But till the time you move out into the market and look for the same let me provide you some more Nikon d3100 reviews which we have received from some of the experts and users who are already using it.

Just like features body of a camera is equally import reason being simple,if a product is not comfortable to hold and stylish in looks the demand for the same don’t worry as this company known as Nikon has kept in mind of this point as well while manufacturing the same, that’s the very reason that this new Nikon digital SLR camera comes with only a weight of 445g (without battery) which means you can hold it for a longer period of time, also you can find rubber panel on the rear of the camera which provides you a better grip as compared to others.

Now moving on to the performance of this new Nikon digital SLR camera, while having a glance at this camera you will find that this product comes with an AF-S 18-55 mm lens, in fact to be true this camera is accessible with several NIKKOR lenses which provides us an opportunity to experiment our skills.

After viewing the above Nikon d3100 reviews and basic features of the same, there is no doubt that you must have planned till now that when to buy the before moving out into the market, it would be better if you check this product on various online shopping websites as these will help you in getting better information of the same plus you can get the same product in much lesser price.