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Users Expect Much of Amazon Kindle Fire

On April 21,2010, according to foreign media reports, although in the past year, Apple was still firmly grasp the 73% territory of the Tablet market, the competitors far behind. According to the report referred to, no other uses Android tablet computer system manufacturers, with more than 5% market share can fight Apple.

Forrester went on sale in the last year of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, and Barnes&Noble before launching their own Tablet has started this investigation. This product turned out to have an impact on the market, also hit the atmosphere of other equipment sales, such as e-readers.

The two companies of Amazon and Barnes&Noble are using Android system, but their version has been customized, then will not continue to upgrade with Google (and service).

Mobile market analyst Chetan Sharma believes that Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet around has probably sold 4 million units in 2011, followed by Samsung that sold 6 million units for the year.

If only on the volume of sales in the fourth quarter (also the Kindle Fire only a quarter of the actual delivery to the customer), Sharma believed that Amazon might be close behind Apple’s iPad 15.43 million in sales for the year came in second. Other forecasts for Kindle Fire sales, the sales have reached 6 million units. Sharma estimates are supported by the potential customer survey results. What is more, Apple iPhone also remains the dominant the smartphone market, which led to the prosperity of the surrounding products, such as cute iphone4 cases, luxury iphone4 cases and unique iphone4 cases.

Forrester predicts that companies like Amazon’s market share in the Tablet market, surged because of two factors price and content.

Amazon Tablet product put content as the focus, but the price is much lower than the other Android tablets, it makes the product more attractive. Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps said, ” Tablet product lies in service, which is why Amazon can win while other Android manufacturers have failed “.

Similarly, the Amazon is to use content as a selling point of the Tablet, but the price is very low. In this way, products are particularly attractive as a whole. After all, it is a service provided by the Tablet, this is why others fail, Amazon can be successful.

According to foreign media reports today, Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will certainly have a strong sales performance this year, but if Amazon new Kindle Fire is a more large-screen product, overall sales levels may be higher. And some people say that Amazon is planning to launch this new product.

Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley upgraded its Kindle Fire sales are expected this week. He said in the report, Kindle Fire sales in 2012 is expected to increase from 12.7 million to 14.9 million units. But Amazon is expected to be launched in 2012 medium-term 7-inch and 9-inch new product, it should promote the Kindle Fire sales exceeded expectations.

What’s interesting, Amazon could launch 9-inch Kindle Fire later in the year. Taking into account the iPad3 may be released next month, one can’t help but wonder how Amazon has a low price strategy in big-screen tablet computer market dominated by Apple.

Another point worth noting is that raise Kindle Fire sales expected at the same time, Bartley will also Kindle e-reader sales forecast from 28.6 million cut to 24 million units. But do not currently use Kindle Fire rate of increase clearly is causing a decline in sales of the Kindle e-reader, Bartley wasn’t explained. But it’s not hard to see that is, sales momentum is beyond the Kindle e-reader Kindle Fire and disrupted sales of child readers.

Amazon Fire is considered to have been expensive and outdated hardware manufacturers (Motorola) crowding out the Android series Tablet market by injecting new vigor.

In fact, it failed to do that. This $ 199 device is the lack of privacy control features. It will cycle through display most recently read content, even if you do not want to show every time you read the article romance novel at the front desk. Although many people want to keep it inexpensive Tablet PCs as a gift of a young man, which allows young users to click through this device complete purchasing any products.

In public, the Amazon has been touted Fire early success. Claim that Fire from September after publishing has always been one of its most popular products. But Amazon not to show specific sales figures for its Kindle electronic reading device users.

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